I'm Lauren Rae.

If you’re here you’re probably wondering who I am. 

Born in sunny California but raised in the dairy land of Wisconsin. I am a passionate photographer, a mother, a storyteller, a dessert connoisseur, a traveler and a lover of animals. 

I am grounded in capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary and celebrating the beautiful big, small and in-between moments that bond us as humans. 

Even after so many years of photographing these immeasurably sentimental moments, I am still in awe of being invited in to capture your story. The ability to see the value of the in between moments, to create a safe space for vulnerability, amplify the energy in a room and to step in when I see you need it most. 

Creating powerful imagery

for brands.

Bring my unique vision and expertise to various projects, guiding and curating visual narratives that engage and captivate audiences. With my eye for detail, I seamlessly blends artistry and strategy to deliver compelling and evocative campaigns that leave a lasting impact.

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